so here it is, my name is Jessica Paramartha, i'm a college student, born in 11 July 1993.. first time to write this blog since 11th grade but because of some exercise that going crazy so i decided to write this blog on 12th grade until now and still counting. PHOSKINNY was named because of my photography identity and my body, i took some of gigs photography which is means a lot to me (still counting), and my body is skinny i mean really skinny. People always recognize me with my tall and thin body, so if u found me with thin and tall body that's me! PHO is for Photographer and SKINNY yeah you guys know what the meaning of it. 

Fashion is like a part of my life, like a half soul of me. I love everything about fashion than anything. so here it is, a blog with some of my life style, my passion, my dream, my style and my journal about photography. if you have a question you can ask me here and for personality question you can email me (