Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Duo (Blogger Meet Up)

Hello worlds long time not posting anything... I mean i really like gone in blogger world and it because i keep being busy and busy and busy, no i don't want to looks like i'm a full time business people it just my tasks on latest semester really hectic plus i took some french course. So i don't really have a free time to take some of outfit post even i really missed it by the way :'). And now it will begin the new semester and as i predicted that it will be a busy semester (again) wish me luck! But i went better on the latest semester i hope next semester will be more better.

Anyway last month i met Steffi Santa from The Daydreamer you know this girl right? the vintage-ish chic sweet girl.. tee hee i don't know why but i love her personality when i had conversation with her and also her outfits so much! she just a really sweet girl it represent on her style. I am looking forward to meet her again before my semester is starting, anyone in Bandung let's meet up together! :D

 Floral Blazer - Thrifted (Gedebage), stripe shirt and maroon jeans - unbranded, floral shoes - Popflats, bag - prada but not real prada meeh..

I don't know what happens with our eyes -__-" mind for it people.
really adore her style, everything she wore i really love it and i want to steal it arrghh.. kidding steeff :p
yayayaya enough said i really love this sweater :3 :3
Okay people see you on the next post! i hope i can have more free time to post my outfits since i really confuse to choose my own photographer because i can't do it on tripod again, i am very shy if i take some photos in public place with my own tripod.. anyone want to do it freely for me? tee hee :p

P.S maybe there's one giveaway! just stay tune :p