Thursday, November 29, 2012

OUTFIT: Ombre + Studded

Hello there blessing people, how's your week? bad or good? i bet it's a good one and for me i have a good one but not really good yet and i just finished the mid-term week and most of all i got A grade for all my fashion task (thank goodness).

So.... after you saw the pictures above well you know i really did cut my hair really short. no no no the reason why i cut it not because i frustated or something, i just want to have choppy short hair, well i really looooooove my super new hair! so is it ya for me or nay?
and super thanks to my new sponsor from Spaceion for the ombre pants! really love it, don't you guys love it? and super love that my legs look really long on it ME GUSTA! :3 don't blame my legs please this is Allah gift for me :')
Studded Sweaters Unbranded, Statement Necklace Jirave Ducan, Ombre Pants Spaceion, Belt Vintage, Satchel Bag Oglea, Boots June + Julia

and for you who are entered my giveaway last week, well here's the announcement........ the first winner isssssssssss............

1. Michella Georgie
and the second winner is...........

2. Sausan Hanifah

CONGRATULATIONS BOTH OF YOU! really happy for you two, well after you seeing this, both of you please check your inbox email. Congratulations once again and thank you for all who are entered my giveaway, will give more giveaway soon don't be sad okaay? and keep reading my blog.

Cheers, Jessica


  1. edgy look with short hair<3
    finally i won something^^ still waiting for your email. thanks kak!

  2. Wa I didn't know you cut your hair! You look edgy and amazing with it, it definitely suits you!
    Congrats to the winner :) xx

  3. Kece berat lo!!
    Shorts & sweater nya itu loh, j'adore!

  4. Kyaaa, finally I saw your super short hair! and as i told you, you're awesome with your own way! Now i'm thinking to cut my hair just like you >.<
    And, I'm a bit disappointed because I didn't win the giveaway :"(
    But it's ok, I will be still reading your blog anyway :D

    Goodluck to you dear..


  5. whoaaaa rambutnya dipotong sampe sependek itu jesss! lucu kok tapi! <3
    love the top!

  6. Finally you cut your hair!:)) thats not really bad, your new hair looks good on you:)Your ombre pants and your blue satchel bag are too gorgeous!<3
    Congratulation for the winners!


  7. you look super gorgeous, Jess!!! and hey, i love your new hair. maybe we could be like the two short-haired duo if we meet up hahahaha. and still, your legs are way too awesome it should be insuranced :P

    cheers from Jakarta,
    Putri Soe

  8. hi! i am a new follower! :) love your blog! :)

    visit my blog! and follow if you like..

  9. I love your bag hun gorgeous.

  10. This outfit is gorgeous! That bag is absolutely stunning, and I love those boots, too.

    xoxo, Meera |

  11. you look great and edgy with this outfit!

  12. nice hair, i love it Jes! and nice shorts, you look stunning xx

    Letters To Juliet

  13. cool shorts :D

  14. In love with your studded top ! Nice one dear :)

  15. your new haircut really surprise me :0
    nice top btw :)

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  16. aaaaahh your hair kak!
    this absolutely a great outfit <3

  17. ADORING the split shorts! But why do you look so angry? You look great!

  18. That outfit is so cute!!
    Much love,


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