Wednesday, June 27, 2012

FAB(ulous) Skinny

just got an email to contribute about fashion against bully, so yes i will make a confession i get bully when i was a kid till now... yes till now.. but now i'm more tough but back then i really worry and feel ashamed for having a SKINNY body. yes i never being fat even i eat like an elephant (this is the truth) till now. you guys really don't know when i very often eat chocolate, ice cream, noodles, and others food in the middle of the night that i think it will gain my weight but seems all of them are no use so i decided to give up. but still till now i still eat like an elephant hehe.. yes i eats cake, chocolate, ice cream, and other sweet things with no worry about my weight! yes that's the benefit from my body and i just being grateful to Allah :)

so here's the photos that i took to contribute the Fashion Against Bullying, and I'm super love with my body and guys don't be not confident because of your body, just eat healthy and be grateful yet BE FABULOUS! 

DIY tee fringe and cut out on shoulders
did something different, adding the galaxy thingy :3
DIY Tee - made by myself
green collar - CURIOUS
bodycon skirt - unbranded
lenon glasses - unbranded
peep toe wedges - Misschic 


  1. I'm a fab skinny too :)) love this post jess. size doesn't matter. we're still fab.


  2. agree with you! in fact i believe lotsa ppl are envy with your long skinny legs :D

    style frontier

  3. jessica, please smile.
    I think you look creepy with no-smile pose.
    smiling could make you more beautiful.
    hehe ^^

  4. hei dear i think being skinny is.. great hehe.. ces im the person who wants to be skinny so bad LOL. but the only thing we could do is to be grateful whatever our body looks like eh? :) keep up fab! :D

  5. great post, sooo love!


  6. aww!! cool look :D and yes you look FABulous :)
    hello dear!
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  7. aw it is important to be thankful and appreciate what makes you you, embrace that skinny girl


  8. great look :D SUPPORT FAB! <3

  9. jess im so jealous that you cant get fat, be proud of your body alright (; i love your wedges here <3

    Letters To Juliet

  10. you look great with your skinny body, and that's what makes you special :)

  11. wow, you made that shirt by yourself? It's really gorgeous!! i love it. Such a cool shoes too <33

  12. Such a nice post dear! Love it max :) I do support FAB too ^^

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  13. This is so cute! I love what you stand for :)

  14. you really are very skinny! but these days, skinny is more a compliment than a bully word, i guess it's just how you decide to take in those words :)


  15. i love the glasses :)

  16. you are so creative dear <3 love those DIY tee.. yeah~ big agree with you >_<


  17. Skinny sometimes makes people bullied. But you, I think no one bully your stule, Jes!! x

    crunchy cheese me

  18. waaaw you're really cool jess !! and i'm really jealous you can' t fat . hehe

  19. you look cooll <33 and i adore your previous post very much xxx anw this is the first time i'm coming by, and totally love your blog, following you now <3


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