Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rainbow in Nude

just a quick post. finally i bought this draped lite outerwear in Beige from retail therapy, very like it because it can be wear like military jacket but also like a drapery outerwear with layered detail. very cool huh? also i matched up with my Rainbow Stripe wedges from IWEARUP! what do you think? isn't very cute shoes huh? do  have one pair because it's very limited hihi :)

mind my very shy pose, because it's my first time had a photoshoot with my boyfriend hehe :p

by the way wish me luck for my final exam will be held on next week. wish i can pass it with a great great score!! AMIIIN :)

love this shoes so muchos!! 
introducing my personal photographer, his name is Aldi! hello Aldi :3

Draped Lite Outer in Beige - Retail Therapy
Flower Blouse - Thrift Store
Nude Pants - Elbise
Replica Mulberry Bag - Unbranded
Rainbow Stripe Wedges - IWEARUP

xoxo, Jessica


  1. pretty dear >.<
    i love the mustache ring :P
    hey cowokmu tampan juga, carikan diriku doongs

  2. I know how you feel, im also very shy whenever I did a photoshoot with my bf :p
    Anyway, I love this nude outfit :D the outer is so cool :)
    You look fantastic!

    Good luck on your final exam!

  3. hello dear your outfit really stunning nude color and your ring .so cute!! . it my pleasure if you want to meet. i love too :) contact via tweet yuk.twitter km apa? follow ya..see ya

  4. such a gorgeous and clean cut outfit, I love the cream coat, you are beautiful <3

  5. aaaa your mustache ring is so cuteee! check out mine if you have a chance, thankyou:)

  6. i love your blouse and outerwear Jess! you look stunninggg. anyway ive linked you on my daily reads <33

  7. This look looks so comfy, I always like pastel colors outfits, omg are those UP shoes? They're gorgeous! :D And I'm loooving your mustache ring so much, sooo cute! :D


  8. I looove your outfit! nude is such a beautiful scale of colours:):) fits you perfectly!

  9. ohh I love your shoes and bracelet! and nice pictures that he took of you :D

  10. lovely outer and bag! looks so nice on you :) happy new year dear :)

  11. Such a cute outfit dear!
    Gorgeous blog! Following! Follow back? <3

  12. You look so cute! Your blouse is absolutely darling, just like your whole look :)


  13. aww you look so gergous dear as always :) and i love your new haircut :D

  14. love your mustache ring so much. :D
    great post and great blog too.. I hope you have a nice day.. :)

    garten paradise

  15. hi jess, i think this is my first time visit you blog!! aww i love your outwear from retail therapy :) btw i know what you feel because my personal photographer is my boy.hihiihi ohya good luck for the test :D.

  16. love your outwear so bad <3



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