Thursday, July 7, 2011

Turban Style

got inspiration from tumblr and wehearit.. well maybe my next post i'm wearing the head piece like these

by the way i love these song from LMFAO ft. Laura Bennet and Goon Rock with title Party Rock Anthem
the peoples on that video were shufflin, dunno but i think it's cool! the concept are cool!

but it kindly reminds me with the video of Far East Movement ft. The Cataracs and Dev with title Like A G6..
both of them are cool song right? :D


  1. oh I love party rock anthem video clip as well
    the concept of dancing is infectious is rather cool!


  2. i looooveeee turan and congratulations for featured in gogirl magz!

  3. i saw turban at topshop :D maybe you can rock it :D

  4. wearing headpiece is always cute in my opinion


  5. there are two things I HAVE to comment you:
    1.- turbans are so wonderful <3 I love them!
    2.- Party Rock Anthem makes me mad, everytime I hear that song I turn crazy hahaha.

    have a nice weekend!
    xoxo, Paula.

  6. I'm sooooo into turban but never try it yet, I'm waiting for your next post with turban, dear ;)
    nice inspirations!

  7. @Stevia : yup! i agree with you dear :D

    @Lisa and Kirana : so do I and thank you so much :D

    @Caroline : hope i can :D

    @Loretta : agree with you dear :)

    @Paula : i turn crazy too when i turn on this song hahaha

    @stephanie : thanks :)

    @nadya : thank you ka nadya :))


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