Monday, December 13, 2010

crazy days

hey i'm so sorry for late post well i will tell you about a few days ago start from last tuesday

tuesday 7/12/ 2010 : i went to senayan city and centro, well i bought some a new stuff from there. a cool shoes that i want it soooooo badly and centro has a discount until 70% *only selected items! wow! i've been so lucky to been there. but my new shoes isn't discount. but it's not a problem the important thing i have shoes that i want it so much! hahaha.. :D
this is some a picture of my new shoes *don't be envy guys..

after i went to the centro i just got a call from my sister and my mom, she wanted me to and i bought this...

soooo yummy! :9

that's me haha.. ate that donat with so greedy :p but it's so yuuummyyy :9

ooh and last saturday night i went to mega bekasi mall to shopped some new stuffs from there and i shopped a lot and damn i lost my money for nothing *sigh*
when i shopped there's so many a cool stuff that i wanted so much but i know it's just waste my money and i can't control it.. poor me.. (anyone can help me with this syndrom)

yeah i bought this red fedora hat from there.. cool huh! hehehe.. :p

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