Monday, February 17, 2014

Wishing List | ZALORA

Hello guys, I've been looking for something formal for formal event. Well I didn't have enough for formal clothes and shoes because i've been busy with my college life. Also i do not have so many time to walk around mall and searching for formal dress and shoes at the same time, but sometimes when i found it the price is too expensive and i do have money problem sometime *sigh*. And so far i only have 1 formal dress and 1 formal shoes, i need more 2 or 3 dresses it's okay right? plus i don't want when my families around that formal event yeah families will stare at me like "whaat? don't you have another dress beside that one?" uuughhh.....

But that problem is already resolved! yeay i already found 1 super huge and complete fashion webstore called ZALORA. Yes! all you want or you searching for something about fashion you click here right away! You will totally super thrill with their webstore woop. And it's not take so many times to window shopping you just click click click the product and bam you can see the details as well, easy and cool huh? You will not disappointed when your products arrived on your home safely because it will be as the same as the picture. :)

So here it is my wishing list about my formal event.. could you pick me up the best dress and shoes that suitable for me and of course the formal event? Oh and also i don't know why lately I've been fall in love with white color. So here's my choice :

 All Dress By : EZRA

Please help me to choose guys :)

xoxo, Jessica

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Flame The Flamingos

Hello there fellas, how are you? have you been busy now? well mine is already starting the new semester and now I am in third grade which is now I'm in 6th semester, well time flies huh? next year I'm going to make my final project for yeah the last task (and yeah of course the big big big task i think). And in a six month i will do the internships as well for fulfilling my assignment from college aaaaaaand.....i hope i can do the internship in one of my favorite magazine which are Gogirl, NYLON or Cosmo Girl. Amiin

Oh yeah i've been quite well even tho i got a really big problem but hey God is bigger than my problem right? so i keep moving on, more productive and do positive things (plus praying). Anyway lately i fell in love with New Balance shoes for walking daily street, well you know the shoes have so many cute colors and this shoes is veeeeeeeeeeery verrrrrrrry comfortable shoes that i wear. Some shoes when i wore for long hours may get my foot some trouble but this shoes is not ( i really mean it). 
and this flamingos shirt is lovely as well, this actually a boy shirt but hey woman can nail men's stuff right? you can find another cool shirt at NASSI GORENG KEJU by Yonas you know him right? He make not only men but also for women, i bet you will love it his collection and i always been falling in love with it. 

Oh i already changed my banner, is it yay or nay? that wolf thing is because i love wolfs so damn much and sometimes i represent myself like a wolf. Yup the cold heart animal but beast when they got hungry or being interrupt. So beware of me! ha! naaaah I'm kidding I'm nice and can't bite. :)
Hat - Bershka
Sweater - Dignity
Flamingos Shirt - Nassi Goreng Keju
Pants - Zara
Shoes - New Balance

see you on the next post! 

xoxo, Jessica

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Beginning

Hello there i am back again, oh well i've been a lack blogger because of my college that i couldn't help it. I can't have so much free time for doing blogging and i still searching someone who want to be my private photographer because i am really shy when i been shots for someone i don't really comfortable with. Maybe some of you been questioning why i've been so lack and always college life for my excuses, well it is really busy with my college life i need to concept from the beginning until i make it into some products for final test. The concept is not just a concept, you need to make an appointment to lectures to tell your progress how far did you go and of course to get the grades. 

By the happy new year 2014 all of you who reading this! I know it's kinda too late and this is the first post on January. I hope from today i will make blog more enjoyable for you readers :)
I've been really in love with shades of blue, all kind of blue! and blue is my favorite color so far.. so yes i mix this blue bag with baby blue pants. I hope from now i can be post more often i really enjoying blogging but shoot for the photos really need a spare time and enjoyable, too bad i'm bad for doing the spare time. Oh I forgot to tell you, notice my new hair? yes i dyed it with color rockabilly blue from manic panic but it don't really turn out so well but i really love the result. so what do you think? Yay or nay? let me know fashion people :)
here's the detail of my new hair :3
Hat - Bershka
Blazer, Shirt - Pasar Senen, Vintage
Blue pants - Zara
Blue bag - Unbranded 
Hologram shoes - forgot the brand :p

xoxo, Jessica

Monday, October 7, 2013

Good Atmosphere

Do you know Gogirl Passion Expo? well this event is actually a really fun, smart, and passionate i think. Yes because this event held some seminar and workshop that i join it. It is educating yet smart and fun too. And also i buy a book by Nina Moran about behind the scene to make Gogirl magazine from the start, it is good to know that the power of three sisters really made an amazing job to build their own magazine. So i learn a lot in this event plus i got some new friends again from blogger atmosphere! yeaaay :D

So these are the shots that i took, and sorry i forgot to took the shot around Gogirl Passion Expo because i was too busy to shop huehehe..

Nina Moran as moderator, and the three influence in writing world! 
the most creative booth i think! because it is all from handcrafting :)
meet new friends, her name is Sarah Tobing and usually called Sartob from the blog
oh i adore her shoes! it's glowing :3
meet Steffi again yaaay! 
Vina Bahri and Monicha Nelis! happy to meet new friends again :D

What I Wore :
Flower Blazer - Thrifted
Red Blouse - Mom's
Ocean Legging - Wellborn Company
Boots - New Look
Cat Eyewear - buy from one of the booth in Gogirl Expo forgot the name

xoxo, Jessica

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Sun Sun Flowers

Hello there again! Well my fifth semester is already begin and i'm going to be a busy person again since it will a lot of fashion project that i must finish it to reach a good score.. Phew and this semester i'm going to make a costume art and performance project! Wish me luck! 

So i went to Indonesia Fashion Care or called INFARE at f(x) Sudirman. Too bad i didn't took some photos for the review because i forgot geez...forgive me. Well the most important thing i went to this event because i want to meet up with my blogger fellow Bertha and Lulut, but unfortunately Lulut wasn't there because she must going to where for her business . :(( next time we will meet up ya luut ;) 

So this is what i wore today! And thanks to Bertha for took the photos hehe :) 

Shirt - TOSAVICA, Skirt - Unbranded, Bag & Socks - Pull & Bear, Boots, New Look  
We were like a dating couple because there's only both of us... 
Sorry for my selca because i'm feeling happy right now because my dentist said i can took of the braces soo yes i'm no longer wearing braces again! Yeaaay :D 

xoxo, Jessica