Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Bad ass One

Alright been awhile I'm not posting anything for few months. By the way I'm in busy for my very last final project this time and almost hit on graduation! I'm happy because one of my resolution this year will be complete and I'll be looking for a job that I passionate about. 
I love this cute black top that @weable_store gave to me. It is simple but chic with the lace detail on the sleeves. And I forgot I had this leather pants that I got from thrift store buuuuut it was ripped by accident and I don't know why it can be ripped like that. *I'm sad* 
By the way I'm on ask fm now! you can ask me anything there and here's the link and I'm on snapchat too!! my username is : paramarthaaa

Hat - Bershka
Leather Jacket - Sister's
Leather Pants - Thrifted
Shoes - New Look

Sunday, October 26, 2014

If I Were A Boy

So I've been busy with my last year project for the next and the last assignment as a college student. Yup I hope I can graduate in the next 9 - 10 months (aamiin). The title of the post is kinda quite interesting to talk about. A question like "what will you do if you were a boy?" kinda thinking me hard since being a boy or a girl have a fair job to do for the nature. Like you know God is fair, there's nothing enjoying thing for being a boy even a girl. I mean everybody's know a girl must giving a birth and taking care of their children yet a boy have responsibilities for being a good guy, a good parent for their son/daughter, working hard or maybe struggling for their family for a good reason like a better life or a happy life. Well I think both of us a boy and a girl as a human in this world have a difficult job to do for the nature right?
 Okay but sometimes that question kinda interesting for me because sometimes I do want to do something if I were a boy. Here's the first one: 1. There's no PMS (LOL!) I mean every woman is struggling every month and maybe turning into a scary monster thingy like everyone said but some of girls aren't like this. But yeah free from a PMS is like I can do anything without worry every month or maybe every year. 2. There's no need make up thingy and confusing what to wear for every day. You know being a girl is like you must do look good every time you out of your house. Well at least put your eyebrow and lipbalm for avoiding your bare face who make people think you are sick or maybe you aren't showering...pfftt

And why dressing up like a boy? I personally love mixing with some boy stuff or get a boy look. This look is definitely will be one of my look if my boy wearing some nice men suits so we can match up the look even we are in different version. Better if you want your boy having some nice suit look you can check out to BONOBOS for more gentleman look, yet if you finding confusing to match with your boyfriend i think your boyfriend will consider it if you're match with him. No confuse to be girl, you can be anything that's a good thing for being a girl. agree?

What I Wore ; 
White Top - PinkEmma
Blazer - Thrift Shop
Khaki Jegging - Unbranded
Totebag - Totevrecko
Accessories - Forever 21
Boots - New Look

Photographer : My Boyfriend

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Repairing Your Tick Tock

We all have an expensive wristwatch that we really take care very carefully right? Because you know the expensive one really took much cost to buy yet the quality it is. But sometimes to maintain my wristwatch still can't find the best place for taking care my wristwatch. 

But now it is not, now I already find to take care my wristwatch. A place that I can trust because they already know how to repairing your wristwatch. Yes it is The Watch Buyers Group! What is it? I will explain this.

The Watch Buyers Group can do repairing your watch and more than that peeps! The services are you can buy, sell, or trade your watch for the best deal of your watch. So you have no worry to not trusting them. Because you know they handle the best brand for the best quality of your watch. Just simply go check out The Watch Buyers Group for repairs watch and services.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Fashion Life with Lenovo S850 #LenovoStayInStyle

You know as a personal style blogger i used to be a lack blogger because i have no free time to take some pictures for my outfit. Also sometimes i always lazy to bring my camera and no one taking picture for me. And then something happening to me.. here's the story

I am very lucky to receive the news that I got invited as 20 fashion bloggers to get and trying this new smartphone called Lenovo S850. What the feature? Oh it is a lot you know which is a very good news for fashion people. This phone designed for fashion people who usually taking pictures for their outfit of the day and then share it to social media assets without worry about the bad resolution on their pictures. Why worry? because it have 13 MP for rear camera (with autofocus of course) and 5 MP for front camera (hohoho of course you are who always love taking selfies will love this phone for sure). 

The speed? no no no you need no worries in everything peeps it already have 1.3 GHz Quadcore. But what about the memory you know took pictures with good resolution will cost your space memory? Oh again no need to worry because it already 12 GB internal storage. And the design it have slim design, all-glass exterior, 8.2mm thin and 140g light, touchscreen with 16M colors, and available in 3 colors: white, dark blue, and pink (limited edition)

Oh if you love to take the ootd photo you can use hashtag #StyleSnapShare. and if you want to know more about this phone just go through Lenovo Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

What I Wore :

Hat - H&M
Glasses, Necklace, Blazer, and Bag - PinkEmma
White Blouse - CottonInk
Pink Pants - CRU (Made by me)
Shoes - Nine West

Photographer : Nur Zaman 

Xoxo, Jessica